Whiskeytown Memorial Regatta

Well now we can get back to RC sailing. Preparing for and racing in the Whiskeytown Regatta took up a lot of my time, Jason and Greg Adams was onboard from the club as crew.
We had some good races and some ok races, but overall for the two day, 6 race series we were able to place 2nd in our division.
Not bad all things considering.

We brought our RC boats and sailed after practices and races at Oak Bottom Marina, theres a good location with a dock that we were using, possibly we can use that location when the pond gets too hot. Or back over to Brandy Creek once it opens.
Stay tuned for our next RC sailing date, see you on the water!

Wind Racers!

So I recently bought a Wind Racer kit from Will at Tippecanoe boats, maker of the T37 rc racing sailboat.
These are a wind mobile, yard art.
I know this is not directly rc sail boat related, but hey, fun is fun. Here’s a short video of the one in my backyard. Easy assembly, you paint or varnish, then assemble.

Here’s a link to where to buy one should you want to:  http://www.tippecanoeboats.com/windracer

Fair winds,