Build a Footy and bust the myth that a boat has to be longer than thirty inches to sail well! ¬†Footys have been proven to be a first-rate conversation starter wherever seen, because of their “cute” appearance. But don’t let their small size fool you…these are serious racing machines that are surprising people with their performance.

The Footy Class is a Development class (Development classes are now termed Open classes as defined by ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing) which provides lots of flexibility for builders, since anything not specifically prohibited or restricted by the class rules is legal. So the Footy is a perfect class for beginning and experienced boat designers alike. New ideas can be developed quickly and inexpensively.

A Footy Class boat must fit in a box 12″L X 12″D X 6″W. Primary rig configuration is unlimited. Radio control is two channels only, and must be powered by 4 AA batteries. Several different hull designs have been developed, and Footys have been built with lateen rigs, gaff rigs, swing rigs, and genoa jibs. The small size makes scratchbuilding fun, but full kits, partial kits, and plans are available for less ambitious skippers.

A Footy is a great boat for all anyone. A competitive Footy can be built for less than $100, is easily portable, and regattas can be held in the smallest of ponds; even in your backyard swimming pool areas.

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