Wind Racers!

So I recently bought a Wind Racer kit from Will at Tippecanoe boats, maker of the T37 rc racing sailboat.
These are a wind mobile, yard art.
I know this is not directly rc sail boat related, but hey, fun is fun. Here’s a short video of the one in my backyard. Easy assembly, you paint or varnish, then assemble.

Here’s a link to where to buy one should you want to:

Fair winds,


Last sundays sail

4 boats showed up for some fun sailing with a good breeze, around 10 mph with a few good gusts. We sailed till after 4pm!

We have successfully moved our website to my sons isp company, Web Host Pro. This helped our club budget as before it was our biggest expense, our website and domain registration is now being hosted for free!
Hope to see you all next weekend!